Ideas start here.
Change how you see ideas with our platform.
What is Clusta?
Clusta is for new ideas.
For the projects and the teams, the essays and the writers, the dreams and the dreamers.
We've made an infinite mind map - without the mess.
Need a mind map? Try a Collection instead.
Collections combine the visual creativity of the mind map with the organisation of the online document to create an entirely new space for developing ideas.
Unlike the classic mind map, you only need one Collection for all the ideation in one project, whether it's over one session or one hundred.
All the connectivity, none of the mess.
Sparks are the building blocks of Collections.
But it is the connections between sparks that make Clusta unique.
It is not the beauty of each spark, but the arrangement.
Take your ideas further with Clusta.
Invite anyone and develop projects together.
Keep everyone's ideas inside one living document.
Build on sparks and connect your ideas to others.
Focus on connection. No profiles, just projects.
Present your collection or send a link.
Visualise thought process, show your working out.
Keep stakeholders in the loop.
Stay clear of stereotypical slideshows.
Clusta changes the way you think.
It inspires the writer, simplifies process and eliminates the mess of information that piles up over brainstorming sessions, meetings and notebooks.
It's the world's first platform as a text.
Ignite your next idea with Clusta.
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